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The journey to independence is unique for every individual and team, but there are some universal steps that need to be understood when launching a new firm. We've assembled our best thinking for those leaving a wirehouse, or just starting out as an independent advisor. Explore this collection of eBooks, checklists, case studies, and blog posts.

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eBook: Breaking Away the Right Way

A blueprint of best practices for launching a new firm.

Starting a new RIA has the potential to be one of the most significant decisions you can make in your career. Breaking Away the Right Way is a blueprint on best practices for launching your new firm, presented in an easy-to-follow, phased approach across multiple areas: Custodian Selection, Legal Representation, Compliance Oversight, Business Structure, Tech Stack, Investment Management. This eBook is the perfect starting point as you start your new firm.

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Guide: The Complete Breakaway Checklist

A step-by-step checklist for gong independent.

According to a recent industry study, 100% of advisors who made the decision to go independent would do it again. While independence comes with a host of benefits – increased net worth, stronger client relationships, more freedom and flexibility – getting off the ground is a lot of work, with plenty of boxes to check before you’re ready to open your doors. Follow our breakaway checklist to make your transition as smooth and headache-free as possible.


Deep Dive: 10 Steps to Starting an RIA Firm  

A no-frills accounting of the steps to launch a new firm.

Here's our deepest and most detailed into exactly what it takes to start an RIA. First keep these three things in mind: 1) Don't rush 2) Be thoughtful about client communications and 3) Ensure you have the necessary capital. From there, follow our 10-step framework to launch your new firm.

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Q&A: Hear from an Experienced Transition Consultant

Grier Rubeling of Advisor Transition Services lends her views.

Today, we’re sitting down with Grier Rubeling, founder of Advisor Transition Services. As a consultant, Grier helps advisors navigate and understand the process of starting an RIA and assists them with the administrative and operational aspects of transitioning a current book of business. 

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Blog: Defining Your Breakaway Firm’s Unique Value Proposition

Identifying and articulating why clients should choose you

When you think about the reasons advisors pursue independence, it makes sense: higher payouts, better client relationships, more flexibility to serve their clients their own way, and the chance to build their own vision for their careers. But the breakaway road isn’t all glory, no guts; it’s a lot of work to set out on your own. Things advisors don’t have to think about at behemoth firms (such as insurance, compliance, custodial partners, billing, trading, and reporting technology) now become their responsibility as business owners...

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Case Study: Advisor Launches New RIA & Increases Payout by 180%

Learn how this advisor engaged GeoWealth for his new RIA

John successfully moved over 90% of his client accounts over to Elmore Street Advisors. The less than 10% that were lost were mostly legacy brokerage assets. John improved his actual payout over 180% - from 32% of revenue at the wirehouse to 90% at his new RIA after expenses. Obviously, the equity value of John’s book of business increased dramatically. Equally important to John, he created a business and brand of his own. Elmore Street Advisors portrayed integrity, trust, and a stellar reputation. One year after launch, Elmore Street Advisors was doing so well that John was in talks to add one or two ex-wirehouse colleagues to the firm.