Today’s advisor is expected to be a financial planner, guidance counselor, client confidante, and goal keeper across his or her entire book of business. And for most advisors, building those client relationships is how they ultimately drive the loyalty, retention, and referrals that contribute to business growth.

Financial advisors, many of whom are also small business owners, can’t afford to spend the majority of their time on tedious back office tasks. By outsourcing to a TAMP – Turnkey Asset Management Platform – financial advisors can focus on providing holistic, professional guidance and support to their clients. How? The TAMP takes on those less valuable but still business-critical middle- and back-office tasks.

But not all TAMPs are created equal. It’s important to know what to look for – and what to stay away from – in a TAMP partner. Follow our guide to avoid the five most common red flags we see in the TAMP space.

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