Advising Advisors: GeoWealth Chats with RIA Consultants

Welcome to the GeoWealth Consultant Series! Each article will highlight a consultant, coach, or organization focused on helping independent advisors improve practice management, accelerate success, and drive growth for their business.

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Beacon Partners

Q&A with Co-Founders Meg Hanington and Genevieve Thayer

We’re joined by Beacon Partners co-founders Meg Hanington, EPC and Genevieve E. Thayer, EPC. Meg and Genevieve have each spent decades in the financial services industry, with deep expertise that ranges from operations to compliance to technology to marketing and business development. Their coaching programs help advisors with 6 key focus areas: Solutions, Talent, Technology, Operations, Marketing, and Profitability...


RyTech Digital Marketing

Q&A with Chief Digital Officer Sam Kessenich

We’re joined by RyTech's Chief Digital Officer, Sam Kessenich. Sam manages an award-winning team of digital marketers that focus on delivering measurable digital results for clients across organic, paid, social, and email marketing strategies. Whether it's supporting a team establishing their online presence for the very first time, or accelerating the growth of an established firm seeking to reach new clients online, RyTech has tools and tactics to make an impact.

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Advisor Transition Services

Q&A with Founder, Grier Rubeling

We're joined by Grier Rubeling, founder of Advisor Transition Services. As a consultant, Grier helps advisors navigate and understand the process of starting an RIA and assists them with the administrative and operational aspects of transitioning a current book of business...

Consultant Interview Artwork5 Marketing Co-Founder, Kelly Waltrich


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